Yearbook is a comprised of 21 students that work every single school day of the school year to bring you the yearly edition of our Macarthur Yearbook. They take pictures, write stories, and give insight into the lives of the students each year. The yearbook is a huge responsibility and these kids work every single day to bring the best yearbook to Macarthur High School. Our yearbook students have won state and national awards for producing a top-notch yearbook that Macarthur High School should be proud of.

Club Purpose: To develop and produce an original publication for the MHS student body to enjoy, including all differing interests through photos, quotes and original stories. 

Membership Requirements:

Major Activities: Oklahoma Scholastic Media Convention, National Yearbook Week

Sponsor: Mr Bloomfield

Regular Meeting Time: 1:45-2:35

Regular Meeting Place: Room 109, 7th period

Number of Members: 21

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