Last spring, the ATG Sports began transforming the Lawton Public Schools (LPS) softball fields from normal dirt and grass fields into amazing complexes with turf fields, bullpens, new fences, amazing dugouts, and brand new backstops. This month, both the Eisenhower High and MacArthur High School softball teams made their official home debuts on their new turf. 

On Sep. 5, the Eagles welcomed Gutherie to their newly renovated complex. Despite practicing some on the newly turfed football practice fields, it still took a few innings to get the hang of the bounce of the softball on the turf. One thing is for sure, the Eisenhower blue and giant Eagle logo in centerfield really make an impression on both the players and fans that visit the complex. 

A few days later, the Highlanders made their debut on their new field on Sep. 11, rival Lawton High. The opener included MHS’s Highlander Battalion presenting the colors during the National Anthem and LPS Assistant Superintendent and Chief Operating Officer Jason James throwing out the first pitch, which missed the plate by a wide margin, but it was the thought that counted. The two teams battled a small rain shower that ultimately forced a 30-minute delay due to lightning, but the night was still a success thanks to the new turf that did not require any field work after the rain. 

The excitement of the debuts of the new fields was definitely worth the wait and the Lawton High softball field is just days from being completed. Additionally, the three baseball fields are in the final stages of being completed, with MacArthur’s getting the finishing touches and EHS and LHS slightly behind in the process. All three will be ready for games this spring. We can not wait!