Letter from Superintendent Hime

LawtonPS Families:

Today (May, 4th) is a weather alert day for our area. Just a friendly reminder that we do not release early as a district due to our tier-level Transportation dismissal routes. 

As a parent or authorized caretaker, you do have the opportunity to pick up your child early. Today, we ask that if you decide to do this that you do so NO LATER THAN 2:30 pm. 

Those still in our care after 2:30 pm will be released as normal, unless we go into a “Shelter in Place” due to sirens. In that instance, a notification will be sent out to our families. We do have procedures in place to ensure the safety of your child(ren).


During times of severe weather watches, we will follow the procedures that have been established by Lawton Public Schools.  The procedures for a Severe Weather watch are as follows: 

         *Monitor NOAA Weather Stations 

         *Bring all persons inside building

         *Prepare students by reviewing weather drill procedures

When a Severe Weather Warning has been issued or spotted near a LPS site, the following will take place:

            *Sound the Weather Alert Alarm

         *Students and staff will immediately proceed to their assigned safe room/location

            *Remain in the safe area until warning expires or until officials have given us the “All             Clear.”

             *LPS Notification via text and phone call messaging announcing severe weather lock               down will be sent out and then again once the “All Clear” has been given.

Please know that we take all Severe Weather Warnings seriously.  During a Severe Weather Lockdown, students will not be released until after the “All Clear” has been given by officials. All students and staff will follow procedures taking shelter in their assigned safe room so it will not be possible to release students during this time.  Doing so would put those concerned in danger. We have tornado drills on a regular basis to ensure that our students and staff know and understand the procedures in case of a tornado.  

We want to encourage you to keep safe by seeking shelter during a Severe Weather Warning and wait for the “All Clear” from LPS before coming to the school to get your child.


Kevin Hime
LPS Superintendent